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tokeny logo and blue background

Tokeny and Ownera to Enhance Token Liquidity

by Author: Wasay Ali
7, December, 2022

Tokeny has integrated Ownera’s FinP2P protocol into its infrastructure-building solutions to enhance global accessibility of tokenised assets.

Green image of chains with the crypto chainlink logo in front in white

Chainlink Staking to Boost Oracle Security

by Author: Tripti Sarda
7, December, 2022

Chainlink launches the much-anticipated Chainlink Staking to boost the security of oracle services while giving token holders a chance to earn more.

egld crypto

EGLD Crypto and Blockchain Platform

by Author: Priya Kumari
3, December, 2022

Elrond is a blockchain platform that is highly scalable, fast, and secure for distributed apps. Learn more about EGLD crypto here.

flow token

Flow Token: An Introduction

by Author: Ayanfe Fakunle
3, December, 2022

The Flow blockchain is designed to build robust, secure, and scalable Web3 apps. Flow's token, FLOW, has excellent potential for long-term growth.

theta wallet

Theta Wallet - A Guide

Theta wallet is now accessible to the public. Users can create a new wallet or connect to an existing one as they interact with the Theta blockchain.

blockchain payments and putin

Putin's Blockchain Payment System

by Author: Emmanuel Baiden
28, November, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticised Western sanctions and advocated for a blockchain payment system free of outside intervention.

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