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crypto hack

Crypto hacker returns 70% of $23 million to Transit Swap

A crypto hacker that stole 23 million dollars from decentralised exchange aggregator Transit Swap returns 70% in the form of ETH and BNB.

bnb chain

BNB Chain introduces a new security system

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
21, September, 2022

BNB Chain has implemented a new security mechanism managed by the community to protect its users from potential threats and fraud.


Ankr receives significant investment from Binance

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
12, August, 2022

Earlier today, Binance Labs, the startup capital provider and accelerator arm of Binance crypto, announced its strategic investment in Ankr.

bnb price

What is the BSC protocol BNB price?

by Author: Priya Kumari
11, August, 2022

Find out what the Binance Smart Chain protocol is, how developers can utilise it on a white label basis, and the current BNB price.

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