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Latest Cardano News

Read the latest Cardano crypto news.

cardano hard fork

The Cardano hard fork upgrade goes live

by Author: Wasay Ali
23, September, 2022

The significant Cardano hard fork Vasil has been successfully deployed. Its features will optimise the transaction speed and cost for the DApps.


A simple AstroSwap guide for beginners

by Author: Jay Jackson
21, September, 2022

AstroSwap is a decentralized exchange for Cardano built on the Velas Network, considered the fastest blockchain in the world.

cardanos method

Cardano’s Method Aim to Solve Scalability Trilemma

by Author: Jay Jackson
8, August, 2022

Cardano is expected to launch a scalability solution known as Hydra that might be better than Ethereum’s Arbitrum and Bitcoin’s Lightning Network.

new altcoins

How to Get Started With New Altcoins

Discover some top tips on new altcoins, including how to start investing, the risks and the promising tokens on the market.

cardano nft marketplace

Cardano NFT Marketplace Options for You

Explore some of the best Cardano NFT marketplace options. These easy-to-use platforms provide reliable places to mint, sell, and buy NFTs.


Crypto News: Cardano (ADA) pushes toward Mithril update

The latest crypto news is that Cardano is finally implementing the Mithril update. This could enhance the efficiency and security of the blockchain.

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