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yellow image of pound coins and digital pound statistics

Understanding the digital pound

by Moses
16, July, 2023

Explore the digital pound, a CBDC by the Bank of England, aiming to coexist with cash and enhance financial inclusion, stability, and security.

UK government building with cbdc coins in foreground and yellow filter

CBDC UK: Government gearing up for Digital Pound

by Author: Wasay Ali
17, June, 2023

The UK Government is preparing for a retail CBDC to supplement cash and improve payments. The final decision on its launch is expected in 2025.

Yellow image of UAE flag in front of Dubai skyline

UAE CBDC to Complete First Phase by 2024

by Author: Wasay Ali
24, March, 2023

The United Arab Emirates central bank has shared its strategy for launching its digital Dirham. The first phase of the UAE CBDC will be completed by 2024.

Nigerian CBDC Naira in wallet in front of image of Nigeria

Nigeria CBDC Adoption Soars Amid Cash Shortage

Nigeria CBDC usage is increasing due to the cash shortage in the country's struggling economy, leading many to turn to the eNaira.

yellow image of big ben and uk flag with digital pound in centre

UK CBDC Head Sought by HM Treasury

by Tom Nyarunda
25, January, 2023

The new head of the UK CBDC will define the strategic direction of the government's effort to introduce a digital pound after public consultation.

yellow image of kremlin in Russia

Russia to Develop CBDC Settlement System

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
10, January, 2023

Russia is moving forward with a digital ruble and plans to investigate two potential cross-border CBDC settlement models.

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