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summer swaps token image with pink filter

How to Get Summer Swap Token

by Author: Jay Jackson
30, April, 2023

Summer Swap token was the reward for completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) or Objectives in FIFA 22. Here's how players were told to get it.

red image of crypto coins with celebrities Lindsey Lohan, Jake Paul, Ne-Yo and Akon standing in foreground

Lindsay Lohan Faces Charges from SEC

US regulators have brought charges against eight celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan and Jake Paul, alleging involvement in an illicit cryptocurrency scheme.

madonna nft created by beeple with image of madonna singing in foreground

Madonna NFT Collection Courts Controversy

The Madonna NFT series has naked 3D avatars of graphic images depicting her giving birth to different things in different settings.

snoopdog dancing next to Shiller app logo

Snoop Dogg Investment in Shiller

Snoop Dogg makes an investment in and co-founds Shiller, a livestream platform for creators which allows them to monetise their streams and promote NFTs.

blue image of paul pierce next to SEC logo

Paul Pierce Settles with SEC Over Crypto Row

by Author: Priya Kumari
20, February, 2023

SEC fines NBA star Paul Pierce $1.1M for allegedly promoting EthereumMax on his Twitter profile without revealing that it was a paid promotion.

red image of logan paul and cryptozoo egg logo cracking

CryptoZoo: Logan Paul Apologises for Failure

by Author: Harsh Verma
10, January, 2023

CryptoZoo, Logan Paul’s ambitious project to make a fun and profitable game, falls flat, and all he has now are apologies for the investors.

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