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Jake paul in front of red pile of bitcoins

Jake Paul - Bitcoin Investor or Shiller?

by Author: Wasay Ali
21, August, 2023

Jake Paul is an infamous boxer and content creator well-known in the Bitcoin and crypto space. Recently, he was charged with promoting securities.

Blue image of crypto exchange with Elon Musk in foreground

Elon Musk crypto influence: Market implications

by Elsy Kanana
22, July, 2023

Discover the Elon Musk crypto effect: From Bitcoin to Dogecoin, delve into the market implications of his influential involvement.

purple image of drag queens in the metaverse

Queens of the Metaverse Explored

by Author: Wasay Ali
10, July, 2023

Queens of the Metaverse was a mixed reality drag show held by Meta in London in September 2022. Let's explore what the event was about.

Pink Image of logan paul, founder of Crypto Zoo NFT game

Logan Paul CryptoZoo: Influencer’s project a scam?

Logan Paul’s CryptoZoo promised to be a game that “makes you money”. The crypto project is now being called a scam. What is the truth?

summer swaps token image with pink filter

How to Get Summer Swap Token

by Author: Jay Jackson
30, April, 2023

Summer Swap token was the reward for completing Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) or Objectives in FIFA 22. Here's how players were told to get it.

red image of crypto coins with celebrities Lindsey Lohan, Jake Paul, Ne-Yo and Akon standing in foreground

Lindsay Lohan Faces Charges from SEC

US regulators have brought charges against eight celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan and Jake Paul, alleging involvement in an illicit cryptocurrency scheme.

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