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What’s the future of the Celsius crypto network?

by Author: Wasay Ali
28, June, 2023

Celsius to Fahrenheit - the Fahrenheit consortium acquired the bankrupt crypto lending network. Let's explore the prospects for the network.

red image of core scientific ceo and closed sign

Core Scientific Shuts Celsius Mining Rigs

by Author: Osama Shahid
4, January, 2023

After months of Celsius' unpaid power bills, Core Scientific shut down 37,000 mining rigs it had been hosting. Read more here.

red picture with celsius logo and the word "bankrupt"

Celsius Bankruptcy: Judge Orders Return of $50m

by Author: Wasay Ali
8, December, 2022

US judge Martin Glenn has ordered Celsius to return $50 million worth of crypto to users during the ongoing bankruptcy case.


Celsius data breach reveals exec’s withdrawing $17m

by Author: Wasay Ali
7, October, 2022

A Celsius document has recently been leaked. This data breach indicated that former executives withdrew large sums before bankruptcy.

bitcoin price crash, celsius crypto

Bitcoin price crash amid ‘extreme market conditions’

by Author: Teuta Franjkovic
7, September, 2022

Bitcoin price crash happened after the Celsius network said that “due to extreme market conditions”, it is pausing all withdrawals.

celsius crypto news

Celsius accuses KeyFi of stealing crypto

Celsius has filed a counter-complaint against money manager Jason Stone and his business KeyFi, to whom Celsius had committed funds in 2020.

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