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Read the latest Coinbase crypto news.

coinbase nft

1.3 Million in Line for New Coinbase NFT Platform

by Author: Greyson Kelly
3, November, 2022

Within days of being announced it seems there's a real hunger for the new Coinbase NFT platform; more than 1.3m people are already interested.

coinbase news

Coinbase News: Google Partnership

by Author: Jay Jackson
2, November, 2022

In crypto news headlines on 11 October was Google's announcement of its partnership with Coinbase to allow some customers to pay for cloud services in crypto.

coinbase singapore approval

Coinbase gets Singapore in-principle approval for DPT license

by Author: Priya Kumari
11, October, 2022

The US cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, received in-principle approval for a Digital Payment Token (DPT) license to provide crypto services in Singapore.

credible crypto

What are the most credible crypto projects?

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
25, September, 2022

Investors can look into several credible crypto projects, including Coinbase and Solana, to better understand the cryptocurrency market.

coinbase ceo

Coinbase CEO funding lawsuit against US Treasury

by Author: Wasay Ali
9, September, 2022

Coinbase CEO has revealed that the company will be backing the case against the US Treasury for sanctions on Tornado Cash protocol.

crypto debit card uk

What are the best crypto debit cards in the UK?

by Author: Priya Kumari
25, August, 2022

Crypto debit cards are offline wallets for storing multiple currencies. Learn more about the best crypto debit cards in the UK.

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