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Read the latest Crypto Crime news.

nomad crypto

Nomad offers 10% bounty of crypto $190 million hack

Cryptocurrency company Nomad crypto offers a bounty to recoup funds lost in a $190 million hack highlighting security vulnerabilities.

solana wallet

Cyberattack on Solana wallets drained $8 million

by Author: Wasay Ali
3, August, 2022

A widespread breach of the Solana blockchain! So far, $8 million has been transferred to an unknown address from Solana wallets.

fortunejack scam

The FortuneJack Scam Explained

FortuneJack is raising some serious concerns with its latest actions such as deleting a high-winning account.

daniel shin

Daniel Shin’s Home Raided by South Korean Authorities

Home of Daniel Shin, a major player in the Terra collapse investigation by South Korean authorities, raided according to reports.

coinbase insider trading

Insider Trading Charges Filed Against Ex-Coinbase Manager

A former Coinbase employee has been charged with insider trading by the SEC. Here's the latest on the case.

uniswap news

Uniswap News: Phishing attack stole $4.7 million

Over $4.7 million is robbed in a Uniswap fake token scam. The news in the crypto community is suggesting that the losses may be higher.

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