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crypto news australia

Australia Crypto news: AFP forms a crypto unit

by Author: Priya Kumari
6, September, 2022

Latest crypto news: Australia Police (AFP) set up a unit to trace crypto transactions and tackle money laundering malpractices.

liz truss prime minister

Pro-crypto Liz Truss becomes UK Prime Minister

by Author: Wasay Ali
6, September, 2022

The conservative party has elected Liz Truss as new leader. The pro-crypto Prime Minister might move forward with her anti-regulatory approach.

congress crypto

US Legislator says why there's no Congress crypto ban

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
5, September, 2022

A legislator from the US elaborates on the regulatory topic of digital assets and explains why Congress will not ban crypto.

uk digital assets breaches

UK digital assets firms to report sanction breaches

by Author: Priya Kumari
5, September, 2022

As per new regulations, UK digital assets platforms must now alert UK authorities of any suspected Russian sanctions violations.

iran accepting crypto as payment

Iran accepting crypto as payment for imports

by Author: Wasay Ali
31, August, 2022

Iran has officially become a state that’s accepting crypto as a payment method for imports as a means to evade global sanctions.

russia crypto

Ukraine snags Russia crypto wallet funding invasion

by Author: Wasay Ali
25, August, 2022

Ukraine blocked Russia's crypto funding by seizing a wallet. The Security Services of Ukraine briefed about the event. Find out more!

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