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ftx bankrupt

FTX bankrupt: Who's to blame?

by Author: Emmanuel Baiden
14, November, 2022

FTX is bankrupt. The trading firm is short billions of dollars after the crypto equivalent of a bank run. It sought bankruptcy protection last week.

crypto.com investigation

Crypto.com Under Investigation

by Author: Priya Kumari
14, November, 2022

Crypto.com is under investigation after sending $405 million to the wrong recipient. It was theorised to be an attempt to inflate trading volume.

blockfi suspend withdrawals

FTX collapse prompts BlockFi to suspend withdrawals

by Author: Wasay Ali
11, November, 2022

The cryptocurrency lending firm BlockFi has announced a suspension of client withdrawals. The firm cited the FTX collapse for this initiative.

ftx exchange under investigation

FTX Exchange Under Investigation

by Author: Emmanuel Baiden
11, November, 2022

The US Department of Justice, which prosecutes criminal violations, and the SEC, which focuses on security laws, investigate crypto exchange firm FTX.

fatf crypto

Defiance of FATF crypto laws may lead to countries greylisting

by Author: Wasay Ali
8, November, 2022

The countries that defy the FATF crypto regulations may be grey listed. FATF will be conducting annual reviews of each country’s performance.

santander uk news

Santander UK news - Crypto transfers blocked

Santander set to block customers in the UK from sending real-time payments to crypto exchanges next year to protect customers from scams.

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