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argentina crypto

Mendoza in Argentina accepts crypto for taxes

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
30, August, 2022

Mendoza in Argentina is now accepting crypto payments for taxes and fees, marking another big step in Argentina’s crypto adoption.

crypto tax japan

Crypto Tax: Japan plans for significant reforms

by Author: Wasay Ali
26, August, 2022

Japan plans for major crypto tax reforms next year. Only 20% of taxes will be applied to corporations dealing in virtual currencies.

paraguay crypto

Senate approves Paraguay crypto mining bill

The Paraguay crypto bill proposes assurance to businesses and individuals, while imposing restrictions on electricity spending and taxation.

crypto russia

Russia using crypto to bypass sanctions

by Author: Wasay Ali
29, June, 2022

Russia’s Duma State has introduced the bill that has exempted crypto traders from VAT. Now only 13% tax will be applied annually for local crypto exchanges. Read more at Latest Moni.

crypto tax uk

UK tax environment supportive for crypto hub

When it comes to crypto tax, UK may seem to have it all since the country’s politicians are rapidly working on establishing a stable and attractive regime.

south korea crypto

South Korea crypto tax halted to protect consumers

The South Korea crypto taxing project is being delayed again for another two years in order to protect Korean buyers.

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