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pulse x crypto logo on image of crypto exchange

Pulse X Crypto: What to Expect

Pulse X enables you to exchange crypto on PulseChain for one another. Bridges also let people trade currencies from other chains on Pulse X.

ARB token logo on pile of crypto coins

Arbitrum Token: What to Expect

The long-awaited Arbitrum token $ARB will launch on 23 March. Find out more about token distribution, airdrop eligibility, and what to expect.

sony and astar logos on blue image of blockchain

Astar Network and Sony Launch Web3 Partnership

by Tom Nyarunda
17, February, 2023

Sony’s partnership with Astar Network to launch a Web3 incubation program aims at supporting a focus on the utility of NFTs and DAOs.

floki inu

What is Floki Inu?

by Author: Emmanuel Baiden
25, December, 2022

Floki Inu is a genuine community initiative to become a fully functional DAO. It is run and directed by members of the community.

pink image of nft motherboard. Donald Trump and USA flag in foreground.

Trump NFT Collection Raises Eyebrows

by Author: Harsh Verma
16, December, 2022

In an unexpected move, former US President Donald Trump announced the release of Trump NFT collectibles on Thursday. The announcement baffled even his fans.

us dao

US DAO to Battle SEC Without Solicitor

by Author: Wasay Ali
22, November, 2022

A registered US DAO, CryptoFed, and the SEC are embroiled in a legal battle over “misleading” information provided for token registration.

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