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cnn nft platform

CNN NFT platform closing down

CNN is pulling the plug and 'vaulting The Vault,' despite nearly half a million dollars in sales revenue from NFT releases on the site.

the merge nft

The Ethereum Merge impact on NFTs

by Author: Jay Jackson
10, October, 2022

The Merge is an event that saw the Ethereum blockchain transition to a PoS blockchain. It had several effects on the NFT space including lower energy consumption.

block asset nft

Block asset: An athlete NFT platform built on Solana

by Author: Jay Jackson
10, October, 2022

Blockasset is an athlete-verified NFT marketplace built on the Solana blockchain. The platform is designed to connect athletes and fans.


VaynerNFT expands into web3 as it rebrands as Vayner3

Vayner3 will now operate as a consultancy and assist brands with investing in blockchain integration, web3 experiences, and branded metaverses.

The next Disney NFT drop announced

The new golden moments NFT collection was unveiled on January 27 2022, and is available for purchase on Veve, with a sellout anticipated.


Matrix NFT explained

by Author: Priya Kumari
8, October, 2022

Matrix NFT welcomes a new digital era for the movie industry and franchise. This offers a chance for franchise fans to experience the Matrix universe.

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