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polkadot ath

Polkadot ATH Reached in Development Activity

by Author: Priya Kumari
17, October, 2022

Polkadot reached its ATH (all-time high) in development activity. The GitHub data show that the platform received 500 contributions daily in September.

polkadot price uk

Polkadot blockchain and altcoin explained

by Author: Jay Jackson
15, August, 2022

Find out everything about Polkadot (DOT) the native token of the Polkadot Network, a blockchain network providing the foundation of web3.

parachain auctions

Parachain Auctions Approved for Polkadot

by Author: Moni Talks
15, October, 2021

Polkadot has had approval from blockchain's on-chain governance to debut parachain auctions from the 11th of November.

Altcoins Continue Upward

by Author: Greyson Kelly
12, October, 2021

Since becoming the darling of investment communities, Bitcoin has spawned an entirely new class of digital assets called “altcoins.”

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