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elon musk twitter deal

Elon Musk Twitter deal boosts DOGE by 140%

by Author: Wasay Ali
28, October, 2022

DOGE’s price has soared by 140% as Elon Musk’s Twitter deal is finalised. With increasing prices, investors are looking to liquidate futures positions.

bill gates elon musk warning

Bill Gates Tesla price warning annoys Elon Musk

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
28, August, 2022

Bill Gates shorted Tesla warning that the share price is too high to Elon Musk’s dismay, find out how this only added fuel to their feud.

musk base layer

Elon Musk's view on base layer functionality

As BTC and ETH are following their multilayer schemes, Elon Musk claims “there's merit to Dogecoin maximizing the base layer”.

tesla bitcoin

Tesla Bitcoin Sale Confirmed by Elon Musk

Tesla confirms selling 75% of its Bitcoin, however CEO Elon Musk claimed the company had not sold Dogecoin holdings.

Eln Musk Doge

Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop starts accepting DOGE payments

Elon Musk is in the news again as The Boring Company’s Vegas Loop accepts the DOGE as a payment method. Find out more at Moni Talks.

crypto liquidity

Staked Ether Crises Due to Crypto Liquidity

Staked Ether, a cryptocurrency with the same monetary value as Ether, is experiencing a dip after its liquidity pool dried up.

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