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price chart in green with the floki inu logo of a dog and helmet on

Floki Price Jumps More than 300% Year-to-Date

by Author: Raphael Minter
22, February, 2023

Floki price has soared by more than 300% year-to-date thanks to an overall market rebound as well as the launch of its 2023 roadmap.

pink image of graveyard

Are NFTs dead? An Investigation

by Author: Brendan Beeken
20, February, 2023

Are NFTs dead? We attempt to answer that question by looking at the current state of the NFT market and what the future might hold.

pink image of dogelon mars nft

Is Dogelon Mars a Buy After the Recent Upside?

by Author: Eno Eteng
11, February, 2023

Dogelon Mars has gained 19% this year, but there are still doubts about whether the ELON token can sustain the recent price gains in 2023.

blue image of the twitter homepage with elon musk standing, arms folded in the foreground. The image represents his acquisition of Twitter

Twitter Elon Musk Acquisition: What Now?

by Author: Brendan Beeken
30, December, 2022

Take a look at the recent acquisition of Twitter by Elon Musk and the relationship between social media and crypto payment networks.

elon musk and sam bankman fried

Elon Musk Tweets 'Where Did the Money Go?'

Elon Musk tweets reply to a post about Sam Bankman-Fried donating $40 million to the Democratic Party, saying that the actual amount may be above $1 billion.

elon musk twitter dogecoin

Elon Musk Twitter: Dogecoin Spikes Over

by Author: Ayanfe Fakunle
28, November, 2022

A tweet on "Twitter 2.0. Plan" by Elon Musk, Twitter's new CEO, has seen the price of Dogecoin (DOGE) rise by 1.83%.

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