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dr who worlds apart

Dr Who Worlds Apart: The Time is Now

by Author: Brendan Beeken
16, November, 2022

Dr Who Worlds Apart is an NFT card trading strategy game. Players collect, battle, and trade across the universe in a race to become the number one TimeLord!

eu flags and crypto tokens

EU Crypto Regulation to Save Energy

by Author: Priya Kumari
19, October, 2022

EU crypto regulation documents outline plans for dealing with the problems that cryptocurrencies pose to the environment and energy use.

ripple partnerships

Ripple’s partnerships to revolutionise carbon markets

by Author: Priya Kumari
5, October, 2022

Ripple's partnership with Thallo aims to create a Web3-based carbon credits marketplace to ensure the immutability of data and increase transparency and efficiency.

cardano samsung

Cardano and Samsung team up to tackle climate change

by Author: Wasay Ali
4, October, 2022

Samsung is partnering with Veritree, which runs on the Cardano blockchain to track the Mangroves they are planting in Madagascar to reduce the groups emissions.

norway bitcoin mining

Norway Bitcoin mining now uses 100% green energy

by Author: Wasay Ali
28, July, 2022

Norway Bitcoin mining is now completely relying on renewable power. It uses 88% hydro, 8% wind power and 2% alt like repurposing heat energy.

blockchain energy

Blockchain energy FUD demystified

by Author: Wasay Ali
25, July, 2022

Environmentalists' criticism of blockchain energy consumption is a primary reason for its slowed adoption. Find out how valid this view is!

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