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crypto etfs uk

Top Crypto ETF’s to invest in the UK

Cryptocurrency ETF’s are a cost effective was to gain fiat exposure to crypto currency, here are our picks for the best ETF's in the UK!

btc etf approval

Grayscale sues SEC for denying BTC ETF approval

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has denied the approval of the Grayscale BTC ETF application. Grayscale have launched a legal challenge in response to being denied approval. Find out more at Latest Moni.

btc price

BTC Price: Bitcoin Update

BTC price is now trading at $28K, indicating that it is highly oversold, as evidenced by RSI levels around 30%.


The Brave New World of Crypto ETFs

by Author: Greyson Kelly
18, November, 2021

Since the first Bitcoin crypto ETF launched in October 2021, they have been a major talking point. So, what are crypto ETFs?

bitcoin etf

Bitcoin ETF Mania Rages on

by Author: Greyson Kelly
22, October, 2021

Excitement around the world’s first Bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) rages on, and there's more to come as further ETFs emerge.


Zimbabwe Latest News: Thumbs Up to Crypto ETFs

by Author: Moni Talks
21, October, 2021

In the latest news, Zimbabwe has signalled a softening stance which could lead to thumbs up to crypto ETFs.

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