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Yellow image of blackrock and bitcoins

Blackrock Bitcoin ETFs: The Latest

BlackRock Bitcoin ETF has been trending since June after the asset manager became the latest company to try and force the hand of the SEC.

crypto hong kong

Crypto Hong Kong regulators may allow ETFs

by Author: Wasay Ali
3, November, 2022

Hong Kong has reconsidered its position on virtual assets. Now, the regulators are planning to introduce crypto ETFs for retail investors.


New BlackRock ETF invest in 35 crypto-related companies

by Author: Wasay Ali
30, September, 2022

BlackRock has launched a new ETF related to blockchain. It includes 35 leading firms that will give blockchain exposure to Europeans investors.

Chamber of digital commerce

Chamber of digital commerce pushes for Bitcoin ETF

by Author: Wasay Ali
13, September, 2022

The Chamber of Digital Commerce has published a report that urges the SEC to approve BTC ETFs. Here’s what the organisation argues.

etf australia

Monochrome to offer crypto spot ETFs in Australia

by Author: Wasay Ali
18, August, 2022

Monochrome capital growth fund has been granted an Australian financial services licence and is due to offer a crypto ETF in Australia.

crypto etfs uk

Top Crypto ETF’s to invest in the UK

Cryptocurrency ETF’s are a cost effective was to gain fiat exposure to crypto currency, here are our picks for the best ETF's in the UK!

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