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image of emissions with cryptocurrency falling from sky

Crypto Emissions: A Growing Climate Problem?

Despite Ethereum's shift to PoS, crypto, led by Bitcoin, consumes an enormous amount of energy and produces significant emissions. A climate problem in 2023?

how to withdraw from metamask

How to Withdraw from MetaMask

by Author: Lucy Adegbe
25, December, 2022

Being a decentralized Ethereum-based cryptocurrency wallet with vast features, understanding how to withdraw from MetaMask is crucial.

green skyline with floating altcoin logos. Speel token logo is central

How to Buy Spell Token

Spell Token is the reward token of the Abracadabra ecosystem. Here's how to buy this token? But is it a good investment?

why is ethereum going down

Why is Ethereum Going Down?

by Author: Anant Goel
30, November, 2022

Why is Ethereum going down after the latest merge update? Increased global inflation might be a primary cause of this all-time low ETH valuation.

ethereum price in the uk

Ethereum Price in the UK

by Author: Ayanfe Fakunle
25, November, 2022

Ethereum price in the UK has spiked with recent developments. It had earlier set a 24-hour high of $1,652 today before falling.

xdb news

XDB News: Token Swap Date Extended

by Author: Wasay Ali
18, November, 2022

In XDB news, the token swap cut-off date has been extended. Now you can swap tokens between 18 October and 31 December on Coinbar.

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