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sec logo with hands shaking in the background

SEC Crypto Enforcement Warning

The SEC has increased its crypto enforcement warnings in the wake of FTX's collapse and says that the window is closing for exchanges to register.

huobi exchange logo and trading

Huobi Exchange - Who Owns It?

by Author: Priya Kumari
22, November, 2022

The latest mystery of the crypto space is the ownership of the Huobi exchange. Justin Sun is suspected to be the probable owner.

gemini crypto exchange

Gemini crypto exchange falls prey to FTX contagion

by Author: Wasay Ali
17, November, 2022

Gemini crypto exchange becomes the latest victim of FTX contagion. After Genesis was affected, its network experienced an outage causing $485m outflows.

is blockfi bankrupt

Layoffs, & paused withdrawal: Is BlockFi bankrupt?

by Author: Wasay Ali
16, November, 2022

After the FTX collapse and liquidity crisis, BlockFi paused withdrawals. Now it's looking to lay off its workforce. So, is BlockFi bankrupt?

ftx exchange under investigation

FTX Exchange Under Investigation

by Author: Emmanuel Baiden
11, November, 2022

The US Department of Justice, which prosecutes criminal violations, and the SEC, which focuses on security laws, investigate crypto exchange firm FTX.

dex labs

Solana Dex Labs Explained

by Author: Wasay Ali
9, November, 2022

Dex Labs is an emerging decentralised exchange that works like Uniswap. Let's explore how its services work on the Solana blockchain.

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