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ftx uk ban

FTX UK ban expected, FCA iterates unlicensed status

by Author: Wasay Ali
22, September, 2022

FCA has added the FTX exchange to the list of unregistered firms. It has also issued a warning for the consumers that the firm is unauthorised. news news: The exchange gets UK approval

by Author: Wasay Ali
17, August, 2022 news confirms that the firm secured approval from FCA. It can now expand its business offering crypto asset services in the UK.

fca crypto

UK FCA: Crypto investments are risky

Crypto regulations in UK may still be vague, but FCA warns that cryptos are risky and one should not put over 10% of assets in them.

fca crypto regulation

FCA crypto regulation – new item in the UK-US financial co-lab

FCA’s head Nikhil Rathi said intensive dialogue is important regarding UK/US crypto regulation to ensure consistent outcomes are delivered.


Cryptocurrency Investment: UK Plans to be Global Hub

The future of crypto investment in the UK. The government has outlined plans to be cryptocurrency world leader.

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