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reserve bank of india cbdc

Reserve Bank of India CBDC Pilot

by Author: Priya Kumari
23, November, 2022

The Reserve Bank of India is to launch the retail pilot of the "digital rupee" CBDC after testing its use in wholesale transactions.

india cbdc

RBI to launch India CBDC

by Author: Priya Kumari
10, October, 2022

Reserve Bank of India is planning to launch India CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency for specific use cases. Read the full article here.

india crypto

India to Tax All Crypto Trade by 30%

by Author: Mark Harridge
2, February, 2022

As part of the national budget for the forthcoming year, India has announced any income from the transfer of ‘virtual digital assets’ is to be subject to a 30% tax.


Is India ‘Ban’ Bill a Crypto Investment Opportunity?

by Author: Greyson Kelly
25, November, 2021

India's Government plans for a parliamentary bill which could 'ban' some cryptocurrencies is seen by some as a crypto investment opportunity.


Do Modi's Comments Signal Crypto Shift in India?

by Author: Moni Talks
19, November, 2021

Do comments by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi signal a shift regulation of crypto by India, or just confusion?

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