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Read the latest Kraken news.

kraken logo on image of bank

Kraken Crypto Exchange Plans Bank Launch

Kraken crypto exchange CLO Marco Santori has opened up about the platform's plan to launch a bank to support other crypto firms.

red image of kraken logo and Ethereum, Dogecoin and Bitcoin tokens falling

Crypto Tumbles as Kraken Suspends Staking

by Author: Priya Kumari
10, February, 2023

The value of major crypto tokens tumbles after Kraken, the cryptocurrency exchange, suspends staking operations for US customers.

red image of kraken exchange logo

Crypto Exchange Kraken Faces US SEC Probe

Popular crypto exchange Kraken reportedly faces a probe by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

kraken review

Kraken Review: All You Need to Know

Kraken is one of the first US-based crypto exchanges. Here's a review of the platform's margin trading option that launched in December 2018.

kraken ceo

Kraken CEO steps down, succeeded by Dave Ripley

by Author: Priya Kumari
22, September, 2022

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell steps down from his position to focus on the company's advancement. COO Dave Ripley will succeed him as chairman.

kraken exchange

Kraken Exchange Under Investigation

United States authorities have launched an investigation into allegations the Kraken crypto exchange violated sanctions on Iran.

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