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blue iamge of metaverse car

Unleashing AMM DeFi potential: The revolution in decentralized finance

by Moses
14, June, 2023

Discover the transformative role of AMM DeFi. Explore liquidity pools, constant product formulas, and variations fueling decentralized trading.

trader joe xyz logo on blue image of stocks

Trader Joe XYZ launches new AMM Liquidity Book

Trader Joe XYZ has introduced Liquidity Book, an AMM design for DeFi that includes features like fungible liquidity bins and surge pricing.

fear and greed index on phone with blue background

Fear and Greed Crypto Index: Is It Effective?

How does the crypto fear and greed index work, and can it aid effective decision-making in cryptocurrency trading?

platypus finance logo over green image of platypus

Platypus Finance: All You Need to Know

Platypus Finance is a decentralized platform that's changing finance. Find out more about this innovative system and how it works.

next cryptocurrency to explode 2022

2021 a “Break Out” Year for Cryptocurrency?

A look back reveals that 2021 was a year of substantial achievements for cryptocurrency to explode and the digital assets market.

red image of silvergate bank with crypto falling down

Silvergate Bank Crisis Sees Crypto Market Tank

Silvergate Bank has seen a plunge in its stock price, resulting negatively in the overall capitalization of the crypto market.

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