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crypto day trading

Crypto day trading loses more money than HODLing

It’s reported that "95% of crypto day traders lose more money than long term investors”, yet why do so many opt to trade rather than HODL?

trending crypto coins

Trending Crypto Coins to Watch: BTC, FLOW, THETA & QNT

Which trending crypto coins this week should all investors keep an eye on as potential future market leaders?

crypto market crashing

Crypto market crashing due to deleveraging

A slew of altcoins tumbled as Bitcoin fell over 70% from its all-time high and the Terra ecosystem, in decentralised banking, imploded.

ethereum news now

Ethereum news now confirms $1,500 price level

Bitcoins price rose by 7 percent on July 20th. Meanwhile, Ethereum news now confirms that the Ether price has stabilized at $1,500.


What is Coin360?

Coin360 is an interactive crypto infographic designed to present current crypto statistics such as market capitalisation and exchange rates.

axie infinity price

Hype & hacking hurdles- Axie Infinity price prediction

by Author: Wasay Ali
15, July, 2022

Play-to-earn cyber-attacks are negatively affecting Axie Infinity price predictions. Let’s find out how long this bearish trend will last!

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