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pink image of otherside metaverse trip by yuga labs

Yuga Labs' Otherside Sails Again

Yuga Labs' Otherside to offer a second gamified test to 10,000 Otherdeed NFT holders who have the chance to obtain a distinctive Obelisk Piece.

purple metaverse vr headset

Metaverse VR Project: A Guide

by Author: Wasay Ali
6, March, 2023

This article explores the Metaverse VR project in-depth, discussing its features, goals, and its MEVR token. Let's learn what it offers.

yellow image of 2023 font

Top Blockchain Projects for 2023

This article sheds light on the top five blockchain projects with interesting use cases that are worth looking at in 2023.

purple metaverse image with paradox logo

Paradox Crypto Value Nosedives

Paradox crypto has failed to recover to the highs of November 2022 due to a waning cryptocurrency economy.

Utherverse Launches First-Ever fNFT

by Author: Tripti Sarda
23, February, 2023

Utherverse launches first-ever fNFT - an NFT unlike any other which can be bought and used within the game.

pink image of king and metakings logo

Metakings Presale Metaverse for Beginners

by Author: Wasay Ali
22, February, 2023

Metakings is a refreshing project on BSC. It's currently running a presale for Metaverse that can help you purchase land and earn rewards.

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