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purple image of crypto mining server farm and hamster rollercoin logo in centre

Introducing Rollercoin: Crypto Mining Made Easy

A look at the Proof of Work mining simulator Rollercoin - how it works and whether you can earn money from the platform.

red image of crypto being mined

Illegal Crypto Mining Syndicate Busted

by Tom Nyarunda
2, March, 2023

A town official set up an operation for illegal crypto mining in a local school's crawlspace and connected 11 computers to its electrical system.

green image of ocean mining crypto

Ocean Mining Crypto: All You Need to Know

Ocean mining crypto may require you to invest in a mining hardware setup. Is it profitable and how does it work?

pi network logo over image of broken pc

Pi Network Unlocks More Mining Rewards

by Author: Raphael Minter
10, February, 2023

Pi Network has followed up the announcement of its Hackathon with the unlocking of more total mining rewards for its novel token Pi.

green image of miner holding a bitcoin

Metamining: Earning Passive Income from Bitcoin

by Author: Mark Harridge
2, February, 2023

A look at Nigeria's MetaMining Club and why it is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income from Bitcoin.

baby doge logo with pile of green crypto coins and shibe inu puppy in foreground

Baby Doge Mining Revealed

Baby Doge Coin is a fast-growing community aiming to bring crypto to the average person and save dogs in need. Here's what it is and how the mining works.

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