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Latest Paypal News

Read the latest PayPal crypto news.

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PayPal crypto reserves reach $604 million

by Tom Nyarunda
13, February, 2023

As of December 31, 2022, PayPal crypto holdings included $291M in Bitcoin, $250M in Ether, and the balance in Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.


PepCoin: Everything You Need To Know

by Author: Jay Jackson
19, September, 2022

PepCoin is a rewards program launched by Pepsi in 2019 in collaboration with Venmo and PayPal which has been mistakenly interpreted as crypto.

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PayPal allows crypto transfers to external wallets

PayPal has enabled feeless transferring, sending and receiving cryptocurrencies from its platform to external wallets.


Smart Contracts are Revolutionising Blockchain

Discover how smart contracts are changing the way businesses operate and how they could revolutionise the blockchain.


Bitcoin Holders Frustration as Price Down

by Author: Mark Harridge
26, November, 2021

PayPal, Hillary Clinton and turkey all feature in today's news for Bitcoin holders after another week of price ups and downs.

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