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green image of  cryptocurrency with triangle kapex logo

Kapex Crypto: Signal for Tougher Regulation?

by Author: Mark Harridge
2, January, 2023

A look at KAPEX and its recent exploits with regards to hacking calls for tougher regulation in the crypto industry.

yellow image of crypto coins and legal gavel with elizabeth warren in foreground

Elizabeth Warren Crypto Regulation Bill

by Author: Harsh Verma
22, December, 2022

US Senators Elizabeth Warren and Roger Marshall released the 2022 Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering Act to boost financial requirements for crypto.

yellow image of canada

Bank of Canada Highlights Stablecoin Regulation

by Author: Wasay Ali
20, December, 2022

The Bank of Canada has issued a note about the benefits and risks of stablecoins. It emphasises the importance of bringing stablecoin regulations.

yellow image of Eiffel tower with crypto falling

France Crypto Rules Under Pressure

by Author: Ronit Singh
15, December, 2022

France is facing increasing pressure to tighten its regulations and is considering implementing a licensing system for crypto firms.

sec logo with hands shaking in the background

SEC Crypto Enforcement Warning

The SEC has increased its crypto enforcement warnings in the wake of FTX's collapse and says that the window is closing for exchanges to register.

crypto regulation uk

Crypto Regulation: UK Efforts Ramp Up

by Tom Nyarunda
6, December, 2022

The crypto regulation UK plan includes safeguards on foreign companies’ access to the UK market and how to handle collapsing companies.

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