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Read the latest Crypto Regulation news.

crypto coins and aml

Crypto AML & its importance in the industry

by Author: Wasay Ali
30, September, 2022

As digital asset-related crimes are increasing, crypto AML regulations have become mandatory. Let’s take a look at how they work with the VASPs!

ftx uk ban

FTX UK ban expected, FCA iterates unlicensed status

by Author: Wasay Ali
22, September, 2022

FCA has added the FTX exchange to the list of unregistered firms. It has also issued a warning for the consumers that the firm is unauthorised.

g7 crypto

G7 crypto regulatory measures in 2022

by Author: Wasay Ali
11, September, 2022

The last meeting of G7 crypto regulators emphasised acceleration in regularisation. Let’s learn how member countries are working on this goal.

zipmex thailand

SEC charges Zipmex Thailand for regulatory breaches

by Author: Wasay Ali
8, September, 2022

Zipmex Thailand is charged with regulatory violations by the Thai SEC. It has failed to declare its transactional details to the regulators.

eth merge

ETH merge is the obstacle to crypto regulation

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
7, September, 2022

IMF argues the ETH merge will cause widespread use of crypto assets which have transitioned from niche products to speculative investments.

congress crypto

US Legislator says why there's no Congress crypto ban

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
5, September, 2022

A legislator from the US elaborates on the regulatory topic of digital assets and explains why Congress will not ban crypto.

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