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$600mil Binance hack leads to BSC pause

Binance has announced a pause across the entire Binance Smart Chain following what seems to be the largest exploits in DeFi history.

Bitcoin Motion Trading Bot Scam

Exploring the Bitcoin Motion Trading Bot Scam

The crypto industry is rife with fraudsters. Find out how to spot cryptocurrency trading bot scams using this handy example: The Bitcoin Motion trading bot scam.

wintermute scam wallet

Wintermute victim of $160 million scam

by Author: Emmanuel Baiden
21, September, 2022

Find out how scammers have stolen around $160 million worth of crypto from market maker Wintermute, the company states it is still solvent.

nft hackers

NFT hackers sell stolen passports on OpenSea

by Author: Priya Kumari
1, September, 2022

BCP, a hacking group, attempted to sell the Belarus president, Aleksandr Lukashenka's passport as an NFT on OpenSea. Find out why!

bc bitcoin

BC Bitcoin review

by Author: Wasay Ali
1, September, 2022

BC Bitcoin is a European-based crypto brokerage. Find out whether this exchange is a convenient option for your crypto investing needs!


Congress investigates crypto firms scam protection

The House Committee on Oversight and Reform dials pressure on federal agencies and crypto exchanges to protect Americans from fraudsters.

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