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Bittrex insolvent after SEC charge

Bittrex was among the largest crypto exchanges by daily trading volume but has joined FTX on the bankruptcy list due to an SEC charge.

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Lindsay Lohan Faces Charges from SEC

US regulators have brought charges against eight celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan and Jake Paul, alleging involvement in an illicit cryptocurrency scheme.

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Looming Coinbase SEC Probe Upsets COIN Price

by Tom Nyarunda
23, March, 2023

Word of an impending Coinbase SEC investigation into the platform's securities offering is turning the heat up on the free crypto space.

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Guo Wengui Accused of $1 Billion Crypto Fraud

Guo Wengui was detained in New York for allegedly orchestrating a cryptocurrency-based fraud worth more than $1 billion.

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Rapper The Game's Crypto Firm Licence Revoked

Rapper The Game's crypto firm had its registration revoked as it violated securities laws by failing to file necessary periodic reports.

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Silvergate Capital on Verge of Collapse

by Author: Wasay Ali
3, March, 2023

Silvergate Capital is facing dire losses after the FTX collapse. The firm has lost more than $1 billion in the past three months.

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