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xrp price uk

SEC vs Ripple case influence on XRP price in UK

by Author: Wasay Ali
13, August, 2022

The SEC vs Ripple case is going to be concluded soon. Find out how the verdict could affect the XRP price on UK exchanges and abroad.

senate bill

Senate bill to strengthen CFTC's crypto authority

The senate bill is the latest attempt to establish clearer government laws for digital assets giving the CFTC direct authority over crypto.

coinbase insider trading

Insider Trading Charges Filed Against Ex-Coinbase Manager

A former Coinbase employee has been charged with insider trading by the SEC. Here's the latest on the case.

us sec

US SEC Chairman outlines crypto regulation

Gary Gensler, the US Securities and Exchange Commission chairman, has outlined what to expect from the SEC regarding crypto regulation.

btc etf approval

Grayscale sues SEC for denying BTC ETF approval

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has denied the approval of the Grayscale BTC ETF application. Grayscale have launched a legal challenge in response to being denied approval. Find out more at Latest Moni.

sec crypto

SEC crypto chronicles- Gary Gensler affirms BTC as commodity

SEC crypto chronicles: SEC chair Gary Gensler discusses his view on BTC and regulation of the crypto market. Read Latest Moni to find out more.

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