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Latest SOL News

Read the latest SOL coin news.

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A quick look into the popularity of Solana faucets

A brief overview of Solana and other crypto faucets - how they work, what they are, and what you need to know.

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Price of Cardano and Solana Up 21%

The price of Cardano and Solana are both up by 21% as of Sunday, setting new monthly highs and reaching price levels last seen in November.

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Bored Ape Solana Club Explored

Presently selling at 9.49 SOL, the Bored Ape Solana Club (BASC) NFT is the first platform to implement the Proof of History protocol. What exactly is BASC?

solana to gbp

Solana to GBP conversion price analysis

by Author: Wasay Ali
26, November, 2022

Solana's GBP price struggled in October but made some recovery. If it shows resistance at £28, a bullish run might lead to a potential 22% rise.

sol to gbp

SOL to GBP Analysis

by Author: Mohamed Algaml
21, November, 2022

Solana is one of the most famous blockchains in the crypto space. Let’s discuss the SOL to GBP price forecast for the next few months.

solana crypto news

Solana crypto news: Google becomes Solana validator

by Author: Priya Kumari
10, November, 2022

The latest Solana crypto news covers the partnership with Google Cloud, the launch of the smartphone, and the DApp store. The SOL price surged by 15%.

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