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Read the latest Solana news.

blue image of solana logo on a globe

A quick look into the popularity of Solana faucets

A brief overview of Solana and other crypto faucets - how they work, what they are, and what you need to know.

pink image of solice logo

Solice: The First Cross-Platform VR Metaverse

by Author: Harsh Verma
17, February, 2023

Solice is a cross-platform VR Metaverse offering endless entertainment opportunities through social, gaming, and crypto elements.

blue image of solscan logo with picture of solana rocket

Solanascan Alternative Solscan Explained

by Author: Vighnesh M V
24, January, 2023

Solscan is the best Solanascan alternative. It is a data analytics tool to search for information such as addresses, tokens, or prices on the Solana blockchain.

Pink image of nft whale and bored ape logo

Bored Ape Whale Buys 69 DeGods NFTs

A Bored Ape whale just spent approximately $900k on 69 DeGods NFTs. The floor sweep was made in support of the project's upcoming ETH move.

cardano cryptocurrency coin over image of crypto trading app with green filter

Price of Cardano and Solana Up 21%

The price of Cardano and Solana are both up by 21% as of Sunday, setting new monthly highs and reaching price levels last seen in November.

pink nft bored ape image

Bored Ape Solana Club Explored

Presently selling at 9.49 SOL, the Bored Ape Solana Club (BASC) NFT is the first platform to implement the Proof of History protocol. What exactly is BASC?

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