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magic eden logo and nft marketplace

Magic Eden NFT marketplace journey

by Author: Jay Jackson
5, October, 2022

Launched in 2021, Magic Eden is now a leading Solana-based NFT marketplace, recently expanding to have multichain functionality with Ethereum and being valued at $1.6 billion.

credible crypto

What are the most credible crypto projects?

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
25, September, 2022

Investors can look into several credible crypto projects, including Coinbase and Solana, to better understand the cryptocurrency market.

solana nft

Solana NFT mints reached its all-time high

by Author: Priya Kumari
13, September, 2022

On September 7, Solana NFT mint sales reached an all-time high after crossing the 300,000 mark. Find out what’s behind Solana's NFT’s success.

avax vs solana

AVAX vs Solana: Which crypto is the best buy?

by Author: Wasay Ali
27, August, 2022

AVAX vs Solana has been a hot debate in the crypto world. Both claim to be Ethereum killers. Let’s see which one is the ideal choice?

solana price gbp

The Solana blockchain & current price in GBP

by Author: Hassan Alzaza
13, August, 2022

Solana (SOL) is a cryptocurrency based on a scalable blockchain. Learn all about how developers can uitilise the protocol and its price.

solana wallet

Cyberattack on Solana wallets drained $8 million

by Author: Wasay Ali
3, August, 2022

A widespread breach of the Solana blockchain! So far, $8 million has been transferred to an unknown address from Solana wallets.

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