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elon musk twitter deal

Elon Musk Twitter deal boosts DOGE by 140%

by Author: Wasay Ali
28, October, 2022

DOGE’s price has soared by 140% as Elon Musk’s Twitter deal is finalised. With increasing prices, investors are looking to liquidate futures positions.

the crypto house

The Crypto House Valued at $1.2million

A house containing a host of interior decorations based on a crypto theme and non-fungible tokens has hit the market for $1.2 million.

bitboy crypto

BitBoy Crypto – Rise of the Crypto Influencers

BitBoy Crypto is makes it onto our list of the top five cryptocurrency influencers. Who else makes the grade? Read on to find out.

fall out boy nft

Fall Out Boy NFT. What Happened?

When the Twitter feed of US band Fall Out Boy shared an NFT image in January, it caused a frenzy. But what happened next?


Blockchain Backer Twitter View on Crypto Hack

Blockchain Backer's Twitter feed offered an insight into a $540 million cryptocurrency hack and why it happened.


Spend Elon Musk Money? How Would You Spend Billions?

If you had it, could you spend Elon Musk money? This guide shows that spending money smartly and making wise investments are as vital as owning it.

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