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CCDAS logo on image of people reading crypto data on an ipad

CC Data Hosts Digital Assets Summit

The CC Data Digital Assets Summit in London brought together regulators, institutional investors, and big crypto names.

yellow image of pound coins and digital pound statistics

Understanding the digital pound

by Moses
16, July, 2023

Explore the digital pound, a CBDC by the Bank of England, aiming to coexist with cash and enhance financial inclusion, stability, and security.

pink image collage of matt hancock

What is the latest on the Matt Hancock NFT collection?

Matt Hancock NFT made headlines in February after the former UK Health Secretary said he was raising funds to support his former residents.

UK government building with cbdc coins in foreground and yellow filter

CBDC UK: Government gearing up for Digital Pound

by Author: Wasay Ali
17, June, 2023

The UK Government is preparing for a retail CBDC to supplement cash and improve payments. The final decision on its launch is expected in 2025.

pink image of london and metaverse VR headset above

Enter the Metaverse London Explained

Enter the Metaverse London is an event that explores the latest developments in emerging technologies. Read the article below to learn more.

blue iamge of CEX crypto exchange logo and exchange

CEX Exchange UK Offering Reviewed

CEX is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the UK. It is easy to use, has low fees, and has great customer reviews.

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